BelGAS Pressure Regulators

BelGAS, a division of Marsh Bellofram, has more than 40 years of market experience and is an international frontrunner in designing and manufacturing high and low-pressure regulators. All BelGas products are well-known for high quality, accuracy, and reliability in critical applications. The company’s headquarters is in Newell, West Virginia.

The BelGAS regulator line includes models for various applications:

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BelGAS P140 – A compact residential pressure regulator ideal for natural gas, air, propane, and general-purpose gas pressure regulation

BelGAS P143 – A gas pressure regulator ideal for natural gas, air, propane, and general-purpose gas pressure regulation. Applications include commercial, residential, and light industrial burners and unit heaters. Available with internal monitor (Belgas P143M).

belgas pressure regulatorsCommercial

P300 Series – Line of small commercial, manual, direct-acting, self-operating, spring-loaded adjustable gas pressure regulators

P200 Series – Line of full-size medium commercial, manual, direct-acting, self-operating, spring-loaded adjustable gas pressure regulators used in pressure reduction applications

P212 – A full-size medium commercial direct-operating, spring-loaded adjustable gas pressure regulator used in pressure reduction applications

P203 and P203H – Gas pressure-reducing regulators available with an actual monitor regulator, acting independently of the primary regulator for commercial or industrial service applications


BelGAS Type P133 – Gas pressure-reducing regulator ideal for commercial and industrial furnaces and burners, where accuracy and sensitivity are critical

BelGAS P1098 – Pilot-operated pressure-reducing regulator for significant volume gas use in city/district gate states, commercial buildings, furnaces, boilers, ovens, burners, and plant air systems.

Back Pressure Regulators or Relief Valves

Back pressure regulators provide steady-state control of inlet or upstream pressure. While a relief valve offers reliable on/off pressure protection. Read More>

Slam Shut Valves and Regulators

Belgas offers slam-shut valves, slam-shut regulators, and an OPSO regulator for gas flow shut-off in over or under-pressure conditions. Read More >

Line Pressure and Appliance Regulators

The Belgas PG 103 and PG 105 regulators perform as line pressure regulators and gas appliance regulators and feature precise regulating control. Read More >


P627 – A spring-loaded, direct-operated, low and high gas pressure regulator for oil and gas industry applications such as farm tap

W627 – A spring-loaded, direct-operated regulator for liquified gas service

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Belgas Regulator Distributors

Linc Energy Systems is an authorized distributor for BelGAS pressure regulators. In many cases, the regulators provide competitively priced replacements to popular models that may have extended delivery times, such as Itron (Actaris, Sprague), Emerson Fisher, Elster American Meter (Honeywell), and Sensus (Rockwell, Invensys, Equimeter).

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