Marking Systems and Tracer Wire

Rhino offers innovative ways to mark and protect underground facilities to help ensure safety and protect the environment. The Rhino TriView offers a 360⁰ visibility marker post, and the company provides a wide array of other posts and signs.

Pro-Line Safety Products tracer wire and other utility marking products for detecting, locating, identifying, and protecting underground facilities from digging accidents.

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Pro-Line Safety Products offers a line of copper-clad steel (CCS) tracer wire under the trade name, PRO-TRACE. The highly flexible copper-clad steel locating wire is used in challenging tracer wire applications, including open trench and directional drilling. PRO-TRACE HF-CCS Tracer Wire…

Pro-Line Safety Products manufactures PRO-TRACE HDD copper-clad steel (CCS), which is a directional drilling tracer wire for both open trench and directional boring installations. PRO-TRACE HDD-CCS PE45 The PRO-TRACE HDD-CCS PE45 locating wire is extra high strength to withstand damage…

The Rhino TriView Post has a patented design that provides 360° visibility, as well as superior functionality you won't find in any other damage prevention marking product. Request a Quote

The PRO-TRACE Wire Connector by Pro-Line Safety Products is ideal for underground splices and connections for tracer wire and other applications not exceeding 300 volts. The corrosion-proof fitting performs better than twist-on connectors and is easier to install. Wire Connector…

Rhino signs are polyethylene signs that are screen printed, using a proprietary blend of thermoplastics which offers UV stability. Request a Quote

PlastiCurve Rhino marker posts are durable utility markers that are unaffected by extreme heat or cold. They are available in 3-7/8" width. Request a Quote

Rhino Vent Pipe Markers & Covers offer a unique opportunity to turn unsightly and potentially dangerous vent pipes into high visibility pipeline markers. Request a Quote

PolyTech is a protective coating that is offered for fiberglass posts. It protects the posts from fading and fiber bloom. PolyTech is offered on the FiberCurve Utility Marker Post. Request a Quote

The Rhino Aerial Pipeline Markers mark pipelines and can be easily viewed with aerial surveillance. Request a Quote

The Rhino Dome Wrap updates old and faded utility posts to create vibrate pipeline markers. Rhino Marking & Protection Systems The round design of the RhinoDome makes it visible from any direction and creates vibrate long-lasting markers made of thermoplastics…

The Rhino TriView Pedestal Utility Marker is an innovative method that offers 360-degree visibility to existing pedestals needing sign restoration or new utility pedestal installations. Request a Quote

Rhino marking posts are polyethylene and have a high visibility dome top  (RhinoDome). They can be used as a test station or a vent pipe cover. RhinoDome™ Marking Post Request a Quote  

Rhino's decals for marker posts are temperature-stable, as well as fade and chemical resistant. All utility marker post decals measure 2 7/8" in width (with the exception of 1-Rail post markers). The length of the decals (ranging from 3" to…

The Rhino Fiberglass Utility Line Markers are fiber-reinforced posts, which do not rust, rot or corrode. They are available in 2-1/2" and 4" widths. Request a Quote

The Rhino 3-Rail Marker Hybrid combines the benefits of using plastic and fiberglass in a post and presents a post that doesn't splinter. It's also available in standard widths of 2-1/2" and 4" widths. Request a Quote

The Rhino Fiber Curve Utility Marker Post is a fiberglass composite with PolyTech coating, offering noticeable fade resistance. The marking post is available in 4" width. Request a Quote

There are various Rhino Marker installation tools available for TriView marker posts, 1-Rail, 3-Rail, 4-Rail, Hybrid Marker Posts, PlastiCurve, FiberCurve, U-Channel posts, A-Tags, and whisker flags. Please call us so we can direct you to the proper tool. Call 303-697-6701,…