Thermal Natural Gas Flow Meter

sage thermal mass flow meterSage Metering produces high-precision thermal mass flow meters to measure gas mass flow. The meters excel in various applications, including industrial natural gas, flare gas, energy management, combustion control, biogas, and airflow.

Thermal Mass Flow Meters

Sage offers both insertion and in-line styles available in integral and remote configurations. Remote models offer lead-length compensation up to 1000 feet. Additionally, the Sage natural gas flow meter provides a unique on-site (in-situ) calibration verification, which validates the performance, verifying that there is no shift or drift, and may eliminate the need for an annual factory calibration that other manufacturers typically require.

Solutions for Natural Gas Flow, Flare Gas Flow, Compressed Air, Combustion Air, and Biogas Flow

Experience the Benefits of the Thermal Mass Flowmeters

  • Direct mass flow measurement – There is no need for separate temperature or pressure transmitters.
  • High accuracy and repeatability
  • Wide turndown – High rangeability; accurate measurement over a wide flow range covering a 100 to 1 turndown with a resolution of 1000 to 1
  • Low flow rate sensitivity – Measures as low as 5 SFPM or as little as 1 SCFM in a 6″ pipe
  • Pressure drop is negligible and will not impede flow or waste energy.
  • No moving parts – eliminates costly bearing replacements
  • Easy installation with convenient mounting hardware

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