P1098 Pressure Reducing Regulators

The BelGAS P1098 pressure regulator is accurate and economical, providing pressure control for large volume gas use in pressures from inches of water column up to 200 PSIG. The pilot-operated regulator is for large volume gas use in city/district gate operations, commercial buildings, furnaces, boilers, ovens, burners, and plant air systems.

Pilot Operated Pressure Reducing Regulators

The P1098 incorporates a two-path pilot system and a large area actuator diaphragm permitting a fast and accurate response to changing flow conditions. The pilot acts as an amplifier to the primary regulator valve for precision control. It also offers bubble-tight shutoff with a sharp-edged orifice and soft seat material.

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Features & Benefits

P1098 Operations

  • Pilot operated, providing quick response and high accuracy.
  • Requires less droop than a direct-operated regulator to obtain the same pressure difference.
  • The user can exchange pilot assemblies in the field from high to low pressure.
  • The seat design includes an elastomer seat disk against a sharp-edged orifice.
  • Inlet pressures provide the pilot, which controls the actuator operating on a pressure differential.


  • Multiple pilot choices for low-to-extra-high pressure
  • Up to 400 psi main valve inlet, up to 600 psi pilot inlet
  • Loading pressure bleeds downstream – no atmospheric relief

Pilot Operated Regulator Specifications

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