Honeywell Mercury Instrument Calibration

Linc Energy Systems provides repair, calibration, and maintenance services for Honeywell Mercury Instruments electronic correctors and electronic recorders.

Why Choose Linc Energy Systems?

We are an authorized reseller of Honeywell Mercury Instruments and are continuously updated on the equipment. If your company seeks an independent third-party inspection and calibration of your instruments, Linc Energy Systems offers practical solutions. Additionally, we service the products we sell, and our senior technician has over 30 years of experience in Honeywell/Mercury Instruments. If your instruments are still under warranty, however, please contact Honeywell Mercury Instruments directly.

Calibration and Services for Honeywell Mercury InstrumentsHoneywell Mercury Instruments we Service

  • EC-AT Corrector
  • Mini-Max Corrector
  • MINI-AT Corrector
  • Mini-Max Rotary Corrector
  • Electronic Data Recorders ERX

Calibrations and Services

Calibration of Electronic Correctors

Whether an electronic corrector or the ERX electronic data recorder, our calibration ranges for pressure are 6 inches of water column (6″ WC)-1000 PSIG. Our temperature calibration range is 32°F-150°F

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Pressure Transducer Replacements

If your instrument requires a new pressure transducer, our staff is trained to handle such a task and assure that the sensor is properly calibrated.


Linc Energy Systems is available for consultations on installations of Honeywell Mercury Instruments. We are also available to troubleshoot equipment concerns and consult on pressure and flow sizing for an application as well as a host of other services:

Honeywell Mercury Instruments Consultations

  • Training in the field on Honeywell Mercury Instruments
  • Asset Management–Tracking for compliance or value
  • Audit trail


  • Data collection and communications from field to host
  • Program management


  • Operator Qualification (OQ) Training
  • Billing validations, auditing, or load studies
  • Flow comparisons, check metering, pressure verifications
  • Measurement–Gather data efficiently and reliably with repeatability
  • Testing of new instruments and applications to Data Collection

To discuss how our company can help resolve your issues, call 303 697-6701 or email sales [at] lincenergysystems [dot] com.