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Since 1990, we have specialized in natural gas measurement and control.

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  • Having vendors such as Linc Energy Systems is paramount to assure product quality.

    — John Atwater, Lead Technician
  • Linc Energy Systems has a great product line, and their customer service can't be beat!"

    — Mark Flemmer, Engineering Support Coordinator
  • Linc Energy Systems has always provided leadership, state-of-the-art technology, and exemplary customer service.

    — Randall Bishop, Natural Gas Specialist
  • Great product knowledge, prompt response and we don't have issues getting our products in a timely manner... we can always count on Linc Energy Systems' reliable service.

    — Edward G. Ortega, Purchasing Agent
  • Linc Energy Systems is the contract manufacturer for our odorization system. We are grateful for our affiliation, which has been vital to our success. The staff is responsive, collaborative, communicative, and places great effort in prioritizing our needs.

    —Amanda Koplin, CEO, Pipeline Conditioning

1-Source Odorization

We have the experience and expertise to execute your entire odorization project.

All aspects of odorization in one call!
This program provides all facets of odorization, including equipment and service from start to finish, so the client can choose never to touch odorant again. Minimize the complexity of your next project by hiring one company to keep the balls in the air, so you don’t have to.

1 source odorization

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