GPL Odorizers

GPL Odorizers is the pioneer of the no-emissions gas odorization systems. The odorant injection systems safely odorize natural gas, propane, biomethane (renewable natural gas), and biogas. Unlike other systems, the odorizers are ventless, do not use fuel gas to actuate the system, and do not discharge gas (or odorant) into the atmosphere, which improves safety, saves pipeline gas, reduces odor, and, subsequently, lowers false leak-call complaints. Additionally, GPL Odorizers have fewer moving parts than the leading competitive odorization systems, which means less maintenance over the unit’s life.

The standard for all GPL Odorizers include:

  • Zero emission design
  • Odor-free operation & maintenance
  • Simple to operate & minimal maintenance
  • Modern
  • Reliable – safe – accurate
  • 24/7 technical support

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Natural Gas Odorization and Odorant Injection Systems

There are three GPL models GPL 750, 5000, and 10000. To learn which will fit your needs, see the model comparison.

GPL odorizer model comparison

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GPL 750 odorant injection systemGPL Odorizers 750

The GPL 750 provides accurate and optimal natural gas odorization in low flow (even no flow) and intermittent gas flow systems. The GPL 750 is for systems ranging from no flow to 750 MCFH and up to 250 psi. It is simple in design, eco-responsible, and SMART, offering remote data and control capabilities.

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GPL 5000 Odorization


The GPL 5000 is an advanced odorizer ideal for natural gas and propane odorization, particularly in high-flow stations at low pressures (up to 400 PSI). The odorizer utilizes proprietary patented technology and has high rangeability (512:1), delivering extraordinary high and low flow accuracy.

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GPL 10000

odorization by GPL Odorizer(Patented)

The GPL 10000 (formerly the Sentry Equipment and Zeck Systems Z10000) is the ideal odorant injection system for high-volume and high-pressure applications. The unit provides accurate odorization for gas with flow rates from 10,000K to 10,000,000 SCFH with excellent full-range accuracy (0.2%) for pipelines with pressure up to 1480 PSI.
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GPL Z9000


Please note that the GPL 750 has replaced the Z9000.

The GPL Z9000 was first introduced in 2003 (Zeck Systems Z9000) as a safe, accurate, and straightforward solution for odorizing pipelines with gas flow ranging from 1,000 to 750,000 SCFH when pressures are below 250 PSI. It is a proven system with communication features that make the unit ideal for remote gas well locations. Given its small physical footprint, it’s also perfect for urban city gates. The Z9000 has been replaced by the GPL 750.

Odorization Principle of GPL 10000

Odorant Injection Skids

GPL Odorizers designs permanent low- and high-pressure natural gas, propane, and biogas odorant injection systems in various configurations. Read More.

Temporary or Gas Pickling Systems

GPL Odorizers designs low- and high-pressure temporary odorization systems for natural gas, propane, and biogas. Pickling units are available. Read More.

Accessories & Upgrades

Fiberglass buildings

To add the extra level of protection, GPL Odorizers offers the upgrade of a Shelter Works custom-built fiberglass building to house the entire natural gas odorant injection system.

GPL 100 Thermal Mass Flow Meter

The GPL 100 thermal mass flow meter is recommended for use with the GPL 750 Odorization System as it has excellent low flow sensitivity and high rangeability. Read our case study, “Odorizer and Flow Meter Solve Low-Flow Odorization Challenges.”

portable natural gas odorizer

Custom Solutions

Portable Turnkey Odorant Injection System

The GPL-750-V-120-P is a portable odorant injection system designed for easy installation and portability. A built-in metal pallet permits a forklift or pallet jack to transfer the system easily. While this is not a temporary system, its built-in movability allows the user to move the unit to another application if so needed. Read More.

About Gas Odorization

Natural gas (and propane) by itself is odorless and combustible. If ignitable gases are undetected, an unsafe and potentially disastrous condition exists. The impetus to add odor (odorize) to natural gas and other gases amplified after non-odorized natural gas ignited in a Texas school, killing over 200 children in 1937. Today, federal regulations mandate combustible gas’s odorization so that odorized gas can smell (49 CFR 192.625).

Features and Benefits

Ventless (no gas discharged)

  • Improved safety
  • Saves pipeline gas
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Lowers leak call complaints

Few moving parts

  • Low maintenance cost

Excellent full-range accuracy

Our Odorizer History

For three generations, the Zeck family pioneered designing and developing accurate yet straightforward natural gas odorization systems. In 2003, Zeck Systems introduced the Z9000 as a simplified and efficient approach to self-contained odorant injection systems with few moving parts. In 2010, Sentry Equipment Corp acquired Zeck Systems. GPL Odorizers acquired Sentry Equipment’s odorization product line assets in 2015 and continues manufacturing Zeck Systems’ innovative odorization products.

GPL Odorizers’ Representatives

To learn who the manufacturers’ representative is in your area, call Linc Energy Systems at (303) 697-6701.

Linc Energy Systems is the authorized service provider for installing GPL Odorizers.

What is odor fade? What causes odor loss in odorized natural gas?
What is odor fade? While smelling natural gas is the first warning about a gas leak, it is not foolproof. One of those reasons is the diminishing odor of odorized gas. Read More >

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