Corrosion Prevention

Here you will find products associated with proven corrosion prevention methods. Among these products are Barlow insulating flange joints (IMAC Systems), and Trenton anticorrosion systems; including Wax-Tape #1, #2, and HT3000.

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Trenton Wax Tape for Anti Corrosion of Pipelines

Trenton Wax Tape is an anti-corrosion tape that supports cathodic protection of oil and natural gas pipelines. Solutions for protecting pipelines Wax-Tape #1– the bestselling belowground anti-corrosion tape remains pliable and supports cathodic protection, even with wet or irregular surfaces.…

Wax-Tape HT 3000

Trenton Wax Tape HT 3000 is the perfect corrosion protection system for high-temperature pipeline applications. Trenton Wax-Tape High-Temperature 3000 Trenton Corporation is the manufacturer of Wax-Tape HT 3000, a coating that offers corrosion protection on a metal pipe and irregularly…

Insulating Flange Joints

Barlow monolithic insulating flange joints for electrical isolation support cathodic protection of natural gas pipelines. Barlow Insulated Flange Joint For nearly 60 years, the Barlow Insulated Flange Joint has been the preferred insulating practice for many gas transmission and distribution…

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