Marsh Instrument Company

marsh instruments company logoSince 1865, Marsh Instrument Company, a division of Marsh Bellofram, has become an established brand because of the accuracy of its products. Marsh manufactures high-quality pressure gauges and thermometers for applications demanding precision, dependability, and adaptability to harsh environments.

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Whether standard or custom, Marsh Instruments are rugged, high-quality precision pressure gauges, thermometers, and accessories.

Marsh Instruments

marsh pressure gauges

Marsh liquid-filled gauge for harsh and demanding environments.

  • General Service Gauges for OEM, commercial and industrial applications
  • Severe Service Gauges are liquid-filled gauges that provide extra protection for pressure measurements in harsh and demanding environments.
  • Low-Pressure Gauges incorporate a diaphragm element for low-pressure readings with an ASME Grade A (2-1/2% accuracy for ranges above 30” WC).
  • Process Gauges for process instrumentation have a Safecase solid front construction.
  • Bimetal Thermometers are heavy-duty with stainless steel construction for industrial and commercial applications.

Oil & Gas Application Gauges

The oil and gas market demands durability upstream, midstream, and downstream, from the wellhead to the refinery—and every step in between. Marsh is a leader in providing rugged, dependable gauges and needle valves and focuses on the oil and gas industry’s needs. Their products withstand the rigors of harsh environments, which is necessary for equipment that must perform safely and reliably in extreme weather conditions.

Marsh’s severe service liquid-filled gauges are leading products in the industry, along with their general service dry pressure gauges, process gauges, needle valves, thermowells, and thermometers. The HN209 precision service gauges meet NACE: MR0175 standards for material and hardness.

Gauges for Power Generation and Utilities

The Marsh gauges for power generation and utilities are ISO certified for accuracy, dependability, and high quality. Their product offerings include process gauges and other solutions for boilers, turbines, steam applications, water applications, and air applications, including general service gauges and precision service gauges. Diaphragm gauges offer low-pressure performance for gas applications.