Diaphragm Meter by Itron

Itron diaphragm gas meters provide an accurate and reliable measurement for natural gas distributors and gas producers. These are positive displacement meters.

Natural Gas Measurement with Itron Diaphragm Gas Meter

Itron residential meters offer easy installation, reliable gas measurement over a long operating life expectancy. Itron’s commercial and light industrial meters provide flexible metering to systems with low pressure and a wide flow range.

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Itron METRIS 250 - Residential Gas Meter

Itron Metris 250 diaphragm gas meter is ideal for measuring natural gas for residential and light commercial applications and offers configuration flexibility. The METRIS 250® diaphragm gas meter measures natural gas for residential and light commercial applications. Intending to provide…

I-250 Gas Meter

The Itron I-250 Residential Natural Gas Meter measures natural gas over a wide range of flow rates. The meter performs exceptionally well in severe weather conditions. While the residential meter is a more recent addition to Itron's product line, it…

Gallus Submeter

The Itron Gallus 2000 diaphragm gas meter is designed to accurately measure volumes of natural gas (and LPG) used for domestic appliances and submetering. The compact Gallus 2000 accurately measures volumes of natural gas (and LPG) used for domestic appliances…

“A” Series Diaphragm Meters

The Itron "A" Series is a line of positive displacement diaphragm gas meters used in commercial and light industrial applications with low-pressure systems with a wide flow range. Itron's "A" Series diaphragm gas meters are a line of positive displacement…


The DATTUS III meter line is no longer manufactured. Portions of this website have been left available as support for customers with existing meters. The DATTUS® III is a highly accurate gas meter that is suitable for commercial and industrial…

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