Steel Blue Fabrication

Steel Blue provides custom fabrication for the gas industry: prefabricated meter sets, regulator stations, multi-meter manifolds, meter and regulator stations/skids, and meter set hardware.

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Custom Fabrication for the Gas Industry

Steel Blue was formed by industry experts with knowledge of gas meters, regulators, and filtration equipment and the products’ applications, sizing, and design. The company is on a ten-acre campus in central Florida. Steel Blue manufactures custom:

fabricated gas regulator station

Fabricated gas regulator station

  • prefabricated meter sets – residential, commercial, and industrial meter sets for diaphragm, rotary, and turbine-type gas meters
  • regulator stations – district and farm tap regulator stations
  • multi-meter manifolds– meter sets permitting multiple diaphragm meters for residential and commercial applications
  • Meter and regulator stations/skids – industrial and utility meter/regulator stations, stand-alone or skid-mounted
  • Meter set hardware – pipe supports, relief stacks, spool pieces, brackets, flipples, and other custom-fabricated items

Steel Blue welders are API 1104 certified. The company offers various services for each project, from sizing and design to drawing packages and data books. They also provide premium coatings and pride themselves on safety, quality, and professionalism.