Carlon Water Meters

Carlon Meter manufactures high-quality and long-lasting potable water meters and controls for industrial, commercial, and municipal markets. It also produces residential water meters that meet or exceed AWWA specifications, including having a “no-lead” Eco Brass. The Carlon water meter equipment is accurate, reliable, and designed for long, continuous service. The company was found in 1962 and is in Grand Haven, Michigan.

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Water Meters

Water Meters DistributorCarlon Meter offers positive displacement (piston), velocity (multi-jet), and turbine meters for potable water from ½” – 8″ pipe, with some larger meter sizes available upon request. Most water meters come with connections or flanges unless specified differently by the customer.

Carlon produces a signal splitter and programmable controls, including pump controls, batch controllers, timers, and a car logger. When combined with the industrial turbine water meters, the car logger provides real-time flow data to manage energy costs. The logger provides real-time flow information as a stand-alone device or with an RS485 or internet connection to the user’s building management system.

  • SSM/SSMR series – Commercial and residential velocity-style water meters (totalizing and digital remote counter optional)
  • Cold Water TurbineIndustrial meter for high-volume applications and control of process equipment
  • JSJ Series – Industrial and commercial water treatment systems where the amount of water flow establishes the chemical

Carlon also offers car loggers, batch controls, timer controls, pump control, a signal splitter, and a remote counter to control their water meters. Read more >

Carlon Meter Distributor

Linc Energy Systems is a Carlon Meter distributor for water meters in the Rocky Mountain States.

Carlon Water Meters are:

  • Both electric contacting and standard totalizing water meters in a full range of sizes from 5/8-20 inches.
  • An extensive line of water treatment controls to provide the control needed for cooling towers, boilers, and processing/blending applications.
  • The new control cabinets meet NEMA 12 requirements, providing better environmental protection.
  • All Carlon bronze body water meters conform to AWWA Standard Specifications for accuracy and function.

For more information on Carlon Water Meters, visit water meters.

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