The GPL Odorizer provides an accurate odorant injection of natural gas, propane, and biogas, over a wide range, including problematic no-flow, ultra-low-flow, high-flow, and high-pressure applications. The manufacturer offers two models that provide precise odorization for most applications. The GPL innovative approach does not use gas to actuate the system and has a sealed and ventless design, meaning that no gas discharges to the atmosphere; therefore, there is no smell, lowering leak-call complaints. The GPL units use advanced tech, saving time and money through remote monitoring, real-time communications, and efficient reporting. The odorization units are simple to use, easy to maintain, save time, and competitively priced.

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The GPL 750 odorizer provides an eco-friendly approach to accurate, optimal, and consistent gas odorization for low-volume (even no-flow) and intermittent-flow applications of natural gas and propane. The GPL 750 RNG is ideal for biomethane (renewable natural gas), and biogas.…

The GPL 10000 odorizer is an eco-friendly odorant injection system used to odorize gas. The odorizer meets the demands of nearly all pipeline applications and ideal for high-volume and high-pressure applications. The 10000 is ideal for high-volume and high-pressure applications.…

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