Belgas PG 103 & PG 105 Gas Appliance Regulator

The Belgas PG 103 and PG 105 regulators supply the highest performance as line pressure regulators certified to ANSI Z21.80 CSA 6.22 and a gas appliance regulator certified to ANSI Z21.18 CSA 6.3 and feature precise regulating control.

Line Pressure Regulators

These models are available in fixed or adjustable outlet pressures where minor adjustments can be made to the outlet pressure while installing the regulator with the appliance. The PG 105 and PG 103 are for 2 PSIG and 5 PSIG systems for natural gas and propane.

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Features & Benefits

PG 103 & PG 105 Features:

belgas PG 103 line pressure regulator

Belgas PG 103

  • Precise regulating control of both full flow and pilot flows
  • Nitrile rubber diaphragm and washer are resistant to combustible gases
  • Die-cast aluminum housing
  • Regulators are supplied with vent limiter

Line Pressure Regulator Specifications

Belgas PG 103 - Download cut sheet

  • Port Size - 1/2"
  • Spring Range - 2-6"WC, 5-9" WC, 7-11"WC
  • Max Inlet Body Pressure - 2PSI, 5 PSI

Belgas PG 105 - Download cut sheet

  • Port Size - 3/4", 1"
  • Spring Range - 7-11"WC
  • Max Inlet Body Pressure - 2PSI, 5 PSI

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  • Gas appliance regulator ANSI Certified
  • Line pressure regulator CSA Certified