Appliance and Line Pressure Regulators

We sell Maxitrol 325 L Series gas regulators and Dungs FRS line pressure and gas appliance regulators for commercial, residential, and industrial applications.

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Dungs FRS Gas Appliance Pressure Regulator

The Dungs FRS series gas pressure regulators are for appliances in industrial and commercial applications. FRS 7 ../6 Series and FRS 5… Series The Dungs FRS gas appliance pressure regulators are appropriate for high-efficiency appliances, high-turndown appliances, appliances using direct…

Dungs FRS Line Pressure Regulators

The Dungs FRS series gas pressure regulators are for reducing the line pressure running between a service regulator and an appliance pressure regulator. FRS 7../6 Series Class I or Class II The Dungs FRS series line pressure regulators are for…

Maxitrol Regulator 325-L Series

The Maxitrol regulator 325 L Series is a line of lever-acting line pressure regulators certified for 2-PSI gas lines and 5 PSI systems [when installing with an overpressure protection device (OPD)]. The units are suitable for natural gas, manufactured gas,…

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