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Sage Metering is an innovative manufacturer of high-performance thermal mass flow meters for gas flow measurement. Sage brought the first thermal flow meter to the market with a distinctive digitally-driven circuit and the industry’s first in-situ calibration verification procedure.

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Sage Metering Thermal Mass Flow MetersSage Paramount Industrial Thermal Mass Flow Meter

Sage Paramount is Sage Metering’s next-generation industrial thermal mass flow meter with a NEMA 4X enclosure (safeguards against harsh environmental elements and corrosion). It permits the user to reconfigure the meter in the field using SageCom software. The standard rating is Class I Div 2 Groups B, C, and D. A Class I Division 1 Groups B, C, D rating is optional.

Sage Prime is for industrial, environmental, or commercial end-users. It has a dual-sided NEMA 4 enclosure, complete Modbus® compliant communications, and is UL and CSA compliant.

Sage 300 is the low-cost thermal mass flow meter option offering comparable performance to Prime and Paramount, with fewer premium features.

Flow Meter Applications

biogas flow meter

The Sage flow meter is ideal for measuring the low flow of biogas.


A thermal mass flow meter can help in a variety of ecological applications. Some uses include anaerobic digestion wastewater treatment, atmospheric storage tank vents, biogas measurement, carbon credit trading, flare gas measurement, flue gas monitoring, ethanol production, greenhouse gas reporting, landfill gas monitoring, manure or methane digestion, wastewater aeration, and wastewater treatment odor control.

Thermal mass flow meters excel in monitoring greenhouse gases in various applications, including biogas, landfill gas, and flare gas flow measurement.

Reduce Energy Costs

Thermal mass flowmeters increase productivity, reduce energy costs, and maximize product yields. They save operators money in many applications, including natural gas measurement, facilities management, energy management, compressed air flow Measurement, LEED building and natural gas submetering, and aeration flow.

Industrial plants save energy using energy management and compressed air monitoring systems, cutting costs and improving efficiency and performance. Read More >


The Sage gas meter delivers the highest performance and reliability in a variety of industrial applications, including combustion control, compressed air measurement, gas valve testing, greenhouse gas emissions reporting, natural gas flow measurement, nitrogen monitoring, performance contracting, submetering natural gas, textile manufacturing, and vent airflow measurement.

Thermal mass flow meters effectively measure flare gas when the gas composition is known and offer a viable solution to ultrasonic meters’ high expense. Read More >

Submetering Natural Gas-Industrial

Because of rising energy costs and the need to reduce emissions, monitoring natural gas mass flow and consumption within a facility’s zones is desirable. Observing a facility’s gas flow encourages conservation and assesses process efficiencies, identifies the occurrence of unexpected flow, and can cost-allocate various operating areas. Additionally, by submetering process equipment, users can detect fuel leaks, and information from the flow meter may determine if the devices need maintenance or replacement.

thermal mass flow meter applications

Natural Gas – Commercial and Residential

Government regulations often require natural gas submetering at campuses, large residential projects, high-rise buildings, government facilities, large commercial applications, or shopping centers. Even when not needed, energy-minded stakeholders and landlords often use submetering. Monitoring the flow rate and consumption at individual zones makes it possible to identify abnormal consumption points, encourage conservation, reduce energy costs, and minimize environmental impact.

Manufacturer’s Representative and Distributor

Linc Energy is a distributor of Sage flow meters.

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