Pro-Line Underground Tracer Wire

Proline Safety Products manufactures tracer wire and other utility marking products for both above and below-ground utilities. Their products specialize in detecting, locating, identifying, and protecting underground facilities from accidental digging accidents.

The company began in 1992 in West Chicago, Illinois, as a sales and marketing company, though today it is a manufacturer with worldwide distribution. Pro-Line Safety Products is the largest manufacturer of underground tracer wire, with over 11 unique products designed to meet the needs of the demanding utility market.

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Underground Tracer Wire

underground tracer wire by ProLine safety products

Pro-Line tracer wire combines the strength of a steel core with the corrosion resistance and conductivity of a copper wire.

Pro-Line Safety Products’ copper-clad steel (CCS) locating wire is PRO-TRACE, a highly flexible copper-clad steel locating wire for open trench and directional drilling.

Pro-Line Safety Products Distributors

Linc Energy Systems is a nationwide distributor of Proline Safety tracer wire. For a list of their other products, download Pro-Line Safety Products.

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