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We’re happy to share that GPL Odorizers, the pioneer of the no-emissions odorization systems, just released the GPL 5000 for natural gas and propane odorization. The unit specializes in odorizing natural gas and propane at conditions up to high flow at low pressure (400 PSI maximum).

GPL 5000 odorizer design configuration and options

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Odorize Gas at High Flow and Low Pressure

GPL odorizer model comparison

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The 5000 nicely fills the gap between the GPL 750 for low flow and the GPL 10000 for high pressure by providing an odorizer for higher flows (at lower pressures). The 5000 uses proprietary patented technology to deliver extraordinary high and low flow accuracy to eliminate over- and under-odorization issues.

Expanded Injection Capacity

The unit has been in development since 2020 and beta tested in New England, achieving a 100% hourly accuracy reading over a seven-month test period. The GPL 5000 uses differential pressure technology to drive the system, similar to the GPL 750; however, the 5000 has 20 times the injection capacity than the 750 due to its patented approach of utilizing a flow meter to deliver the uniform odorant injection.

Lower Maintenance

The advantage of using differential pressure versus the electronic pumps to power the systems is that while the GPL 10000 has considerably lower maintenance costs over competitive alternatives, it does require the seal cartridges to be changed once or twice a year. This, of course, is more costly than replacing the solenoid valves in the GPL 5000 as needed.

GPL 5000 with CID1 electronics

Next-Gen GPL Standards

The GPL 5000 conforms with what the competition may consider to be “next-gen,” which has always been GPL Odorizers standards:

  • Zero emission design
  • Odor-free operation & maintenance
  • Simple to operate & minimal maintenance
  • Modern
  • Reliable – safe – accurate
  • 24/7 technical support

 GPL 5000 Natural Gas and Propane Odorization

Garrett Cox, the Director of Sales, challenges all interested in learning more about GPL Odorizers to

Find your most challenging odorization application — and give us a shot at it! Once GPL succeeds with the problematic application, you’ll know we can handle all your odorization needs.”

Here are some ways to learn more about this new odorization system:

❶ Read the case study, “GPL Odorizers replaces obsolete odorization equipment with a new product achieving 100% accuracy.”
❷ Download the GPL 5000 brochure and datasheet.
❸ Message us or call (303) 697-6701.

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