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Linc Energy Systems is happy to announce our 1-Source Odorization solution. This program provides all facets of odorization, including equipment and service from start to finish, so the client can choose never to touch odorant again.

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Odorization Complexities

The complexity of building a new odorization station or renovating an existing system can be intimidating for any utility company. There are countless safety factors involved when handling odorant (mercaptan), which are not always understood. Then there’s the coordination of all the different phases of the project that require the most skilled project manager to keep the balls in the air.

Hire One Expert and Breathe Easier

Our 1-Source Odorization program permits our clients to breathe easier, knowing they have an odorization expert on their team from start to finish to deliver their turnkey system. Avoid the complexity of integrating and implementing a new system while providing temporary odorization and decommissioning and disposing of the obsolete system. 1-Source Odorization includes all odorant injection and ancillary equipment and all services needed. Download the product sheet.

Advantages of Single-Vendor Acquisition

The advantages of acquiring an odorization system through a single-vendor source far exceed the disadvantages.

  • By streamlining the project, the client saves time and money with a much simpler procurement and one-call implementation process from start to finish.
  • Our company spearheads the planning and engineering, acquisition, implementation & maintenance, lifetime service, and disposal and decommissioning of an obsolete system.
  • The client could never touch odorant again when choosing annual renewals for a maintenance program.
  • Depending on your corporate accounting, there are benefits to capitalizing on purchasing the entire system, service, and ongoing maintenance.
odorization one stop source

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Why is Linc Energy Systems the ideal single-source vendor?

Linc Energy Systems is a recognized service provider delivering comprehensive turnkey odorization systems. We are also the leading distributor for GPL Odorizers in the United States, Canada, and Central and South America. GPL Odorizers is located close to Linc Energy, supporting a cohesive working relationship between the two organizations.

We have 30+ years of experience as an award-winning service contractor for installing, repairing, and maintaining equipment for natural gas utilities. We have in-house engineering and design. Our technicians and service team members are factory-trained and knowledgeable and provide prompt, courteous phone support and in-person support as needed.

Service Offerings

We service equipment from GPL Odorizers, Welker, and YZ Systems. Since we are the authorized service provider for GPL Odorizers, we can provide turnkey systems, startup and training, and service maintenance programs on GPL Odorizers equipment.

Equipment & Engineering Offerings

The program includes the finest odorization systems on the market. We have in-house engineering, full-CAD resources, and in-house fabrication.

  • GPL Odorizers’ innovative odorant injection
  • ASME odorant tanks, containment, piping, valves, and fittings
  • Odorizer configuration & skid design
  • Odorization station design
  • Odor control

Lastly, the Linc Energy Systems team has vast experience keeping the balls in the air, even fire sticks. If you are interested in learning more, message me now!

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