GPL Odorizers Now Offers Fiberglass Buildings for Odorization Units

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GPL Odorizers, the manufacturer of environmentally responsible odorization systems now offers its clients the option of adding Shelter Works fiberglass buildings for odorization systems.  This design addon augments the odorant injection system’s protection from the weather, as well as improves aesthetics and deters vandalism.

fiberglass buildings for odorizationOdorization System Design

An odorization system consists of the equipment necessary to inject odorant, a compound that makes a gas smell, into a gas stream. Many gases, such as natural gas and propane, are odorless and combustible, and regulations require the gas to be odorized at specific levels to ensure that a person with a typical sense of smell can detect the gas.

An odorization system may typically include an odorizer, an odorant tank to store the odorant and a containment system. The containment system is commonly known as a skid and keeps the odorant off the ground in the event the tank ever leaks. The odorizer typically includes solenoids, a controller, a pressure regulator, and other devices to control the flow of gas and precise injection of odorant.

odorizer in fiberglass shelterFiberglass Building for Odorization

GPL Odorizers now offers its clients the alternative of including a custom fiberglass enclosure to supplement the odorization system’s protection against adverse weather or other environmental impacts. The Shelter Works fiberglass buildings also discourage vandalism and improve the aesthetics commonly associated with having such a system.

Shelter Works uses a distinctive FiberBeam™ so that the roof and walls do not buckle in heavy snow, thus giving the odorization system additional protection. Having a building designed to the project specifications gives the customer the chance to specify what they want such as doors, windows, roof hatches, access panels, cut-outs, or bulkheads necessary to accommodate the system.

odorization containment skid with odorant tankGPL Odorizers and Shelter Works Distributor

Linc Energy Systems is the master distributor of GPL Odorizers, and an authorized representative of Shelter Works fiberglass buildings. If you would like more information on either of these product lines, request a quote now or call us at (303) 697-6701.

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