Temporary Odorization Systems

GPL Odorizers manufactures portable and temporary odorization systems that permit pipelines to avoid disruption of service commonly incurred during construction.

Temporary Odorization & Pickling

Temporary units also are used during natural gas pipe pickling, pipeline conditioning, or pre-odorization.

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Features & Benefits


GPL Odorizers' temporary systems are easy to transport, whether by a forklift or pallet jack, and fit on the back of most pickup trucks. The system includes everything necessary for odorizing, including the odorant injection unit, odorant tank, containment skid, interconnecting valves, and a receptacle for the customer's nitrogen tank for blanket gas pressurization. The temporary odorizer system pictured does not use pipeline gas to actuate the odorizer's operation, to power connect to electricity, use an optional battery pack or solar-powered package.

Odorizer Systems

GPL 750 System

Batch Odorant Injection
40 to 250 PSI (17 Bar)
From no flow to 24 MMSCFD*

GPL 10000 System

Continuous Odorant Injection
Up to 1480 PSI (102 Bar)
From 0.48 MMSCFD to 240 MMSCFD*

*injection rate of 0.5 lb./MMSCFH)