Odorant Injection System Skids

GPL Odorizers manufactures turnkey odorant injection system skids.

Permanent Odorant Injection System Skids

The odorization units include an odorizer, ASME odorant tank, and containment assemblies (skid); in both vertical (60-120 gallons) and horizontal (250-2000 gallons) tank configurations.

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Features & Benefits
  • odorizer, odorant panel and odorant tank

    GPL 10000 Odorizer, odorant panel, and odorant tank

    Standard ASME 250 PSIG tanks with volumes from 60 gallons to 1,000 gallons, different sizes also available.

  • Containment vessels (skids) are galvanized to endure years of outdoor elements.
  • Includes the skid mounting of the odorant injector and connecting piping, valves, and filters.
  • Multiple odorant tank volumes from 60 to 2000 gallons are available to accommodate the pipeline's flow rate.
Mobile Turnkey Odorant Injection Skid

The GPL-750-V-120-P is a mobile odorant injection system designed for ease of installation as well as mobility.

GPL 750 Portable Odorizer

This portable GPL Odorizer, an all-in-one odorant injection system is used for temporary odorization or pickling.

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