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Linc Energy Systems now sells Honeywell SmartLine Transmitters, which work in a wide range of industrial process applications making our clients’ lives easier across the entire plant, from construction and operations to maintenance.

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Honeywell Transmitters improve product quality.

The SmartLine transmitters are intelligent, with better performance and additional diagnostics than their predecessors. They have unique integrated features, such as being completely modular, which reduces maintenance costs, makes repairs safer and faster, reduces inventory costs, minimizes startup time, and avoids unplanned downtime. The transmitters improve product quality and lower the total cost of ownership.

SmartLine Application and Validation Tool

The intuitive cloud-based SmartLine Application and Validation Tool helps users select the correct instrument for their application. The tool enables error-free selection and validation of the transmitter through quick and easy online collaboration. It documents the user’s selection inputs and helps the user share the data with others. The transmitter arrives fully preconfigured, shortening the commissioning time.

Smart Transmitters Features

The transmitter’s universal terminals save valuable commissioning time by reducing potential wiring errors and reducing the need to troubleshoot.

The innovative modular design reduces complexity along the entire lifecycle by avoiding initial purchasing costs, providing flexibility for post-startup modifications, and reducing maintenance and inventory costs by eliminating the required spare parts.

The advanced display and local configuration allow field operators to perform tasks, solve problems and avoid errors more efficiently. The advanced graphical display provides vital information and insight to field personnel about the process, alerts, and more. The easy-to-use display and the three local configuration buttons enable the user to be more efficient in the field without carrying a handheld device for setup.

The Honeywell Transmitters include:

Pressure Transmitters

Honeywell Pressure Transmitters SmartLine ST800/ST700Pressure Transmitters provide industrial pressure measurement. Honeywell offers two lines, SmartLine ST800, and the SmartLine ST700, along with Smart Line pressure accessories.

Temperature Transmitters

STT750 Temperature TransmittersTemperature Transmitters provide industrial temperature measurement. Honeywell offers two lines, SmartLine temperature transmitters, the STT 3000 Smart, and the SmartLine Series, along with the fabrication of SmartLine temperature probe assemblies.

Multivariable Transmitters

SMV800 Smartline Multivariable TransmitterMultivariable Transmitters provide measurements of differential pressure, static pressure, and process temperature. Honeywell SmartLine SMV800 multivariable transmitters measure direct process variables and compensated mass or volume flow.

Wireless Transmitters

Honeywell Smartline Wireless Transmitters for Pressure, TemperatureWireless Transmitters provide wireless monitoring and control. The Honeywell wireless transmitters include the SmartLine Wireless Pressure Transmitters, temperature transmitters, the XYR 6000, and the OneWireless Adapter for wireless communication with HART transmitters.

Level Transmitters

SmartLine Non Contact Radar Level TransmittersLevel Transmitters provide liquid and solid level control. Honeywell offers non-contact radar level transmitters and guided wave radar (GWR) technology to deliver best-in-class performance, modular construction, an advanced display, and superior integration features.

Versatilis Transmitter

versatilis transmitters by honewywellWhile the Versatilis transmitter is not a SmartLine transmitter, it warrants some mention. The Versatilis provides condition-based monitoring of rotating equipment, like pumps, motors, compressors, fans, blowers, and gearboxes. The transmitter is a multi-variant sensing platform using long-range, low-energy LoRaWAN protocol to relay data relating to equipment, the environment, and gaseous emissions over large areas efficiently.

The Honeywell transmitters nicely fill a gap in our product line for our process industry clients. The SmartLine Manifolds and Probe Assemblies provide manufacturers, OEMs, and EPCs single-stop transmitter solutions.

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