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For more than fifty years, DUALCO has been a reliable source for grease gun grease, valve lubrication equipment parts, valve sealants, and grease guns for oil and natural gas plug valves, ball valves and gate valves.

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Grease Gun Grease and Equipment

The Houston based company has been manufacturing valve grease guns since 1960 and specializes in manufacturing handheld lubrication guns, along with couplers, fittings, lube adapters, service tools, and accessories. They offer a complete line of valve lubricant, valve sealant, packing, valve cleaner, and premium valve maintenance training. Linc Energy has sold DUALCO products since 2011.

Valve maintenance is critical to any damage prevention program as it ensures the proper functioning of a pipeline. If valves do not turn freely and seal properly, there is little or no control of your crude oil or natural gas pipeline.

Use the correct grease for your lubrication equipment

Use the correct grease for your grease gun!

Valve Maintenance Tips

Here are seven valve maintenance tips from a DUALCO valve maintenance expert.

  1. Create a system map.
  2. Have the right fittings on hand.
  3. Lubricate the plug of older plug valves.
  4. Use Vent Cap lubrication fittings.
  5. Don’t use substandard hoses.
  6. Use the correct valve cleaner to avoid damaging valves or seals.
  7. Use the correct valve sealant and lubricant

For a more thorough explanation, visit “Valve Maintenance Tips” for a more thorough explanation. Complying with these recommendations ensures safety, make the pipeline workers’ jobs easier and more efficient, thus reducing pipeline operating expenses.

DUALCO’s products are used to service and maintain high-performance pumps, plug valves, ball valves, and gate valves commonly associated with the oil and gas industry. All DUALCO manufactured items are made, assembled, and serviced in the United States. Their equipment is repairable and recyclable.

For more information on DUALCO’s product line, visit grease gun, request a quote or call 303-697-6701.

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