Dualco Multi-Valve Automation (D.A.M.)

The Dualco Multi-Valve Grease Gun D.A.M.™ is an automated lubrication system that automatically lubricates multiple valves while maintaining accurate lubricant levels without under- or over-lubricating.

Dualco Automated Multi Valve-Point (D.A.M.™) Lube

Given that 54% of valve failures are from improper lubrication, the Dualco 13000 D.A.M. can improve the maintenance and operations of oil and gas valves. Downtime from failures should lessen, which increases productivity and profits, and by better maintaining the equipment, the useful life of the valves should increase.

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Features & Benefits

Dualco Multi-Valve Grease Gun | Automatic Lubricator

The Dualco Automated Multi-Point (D.A.M.™) Lube System automatically greases multiple valves while accurately maintaining lubricant levels without under or over-lubricating. Dualco estimates that the system saves about 33% of the grease compared to manual lubrication. The Dualco 13000 D.A.M. applies measured amounts of lube evenly across the valve seats, achieving superior coverage and assuring the valves' protection and performance. When using the system, the operator no longer needs to over-lubricate its valves, which has become an industry tradition, lowering the cost and demand for grease, reducing waste, and indirectly lowering CO2 emissions.

Automated lubrication

  • Use one-third less grease (than standard lubrication equipment)
  • Even and superior application of lubricant to valve seats
  • Metered application of lube delivers excellent protection and performance
  • No more over-lubricating
  • Lower CO2 emissions by lowering the use of grease


  • Labor
  • Waste
  • Downtime
  • Environmental Impact


  • Valve life
  • Safety
  • Productivity
  • Profits

Applications for the Lube System

  • Wellheads
  • Pipelines
  • Offshore
  • Manifolds
  • Fracturing
  • Industrial