Foot-Operated Grease Gun for Ball and Plug Valves DUALCO 11725

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Linc Energy Systems is happy to announce that DUALCO has a new foot-operated air or hydraulic grease gun for pumping valve cleaners, flush or lube sealants into ball valves and plug valves. The company also released a new packing stick injection tool.

DUALCO Lubrication Equipment

DUALCO manufactures lubrication equipment used for the maintenance of ball valves, plug valves, and gate valves. The equipment ranges from small hand-held grease guns to large self-contained lubrication skid units. DUALCO also manufactures grease gun fittings, couplers, adapters, tools, and accessories.

Foot-Operated Grease Gun for Ball and Plug Valves DUALCO 11725 Foot-Operated Grease Gun Model 11725

The air/hydraulic grease gun is rugged, easy to operate, lightweight, and offers a fast discharge. This injection gun is ideal for pumping valve flush, cleaners, and lube sealants into plug valves and ball valves. It is also perfect when compressed air is not available.

Packing Stick Injection Tool

The new PSIT (packing stick inject tool) permits the user to perform fast injections of “B” size sticks into valves and has a dual-purpose hex key handle that allows easy and quick removal of the packing plug.

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