Dualco Grease Gun Rebuild and Repair Program

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Dualco, the manufacturer of lubrication products for high-performance valves, offers a program to rebuild its user’s grease guns (Models 11000R & 11035).

Hydraulic Grease Gun Exchange and Repair Program DUALCO

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Exchange (11035) or Repair (11000R) Program

DUALCO accepts hydraulic grease guns for rebuilding, exchange, or repairing if all gun components are present and assembled. A hydraulic grease gun cannot be rebuilt or repaired if signs of extreme abuse or corrosion exist.

Most hydraulic guns can be serviced or repaired, and parts are usually interchangeable. If a grease gun cannot be rebuilt or repaired, Dualco will notify the owner of the equipment’s condition.

Included in the Standard Rebuild Program

Dualco performs the following procedure after receiving the equipment for rebuilding, exchange, or repair:

  1. Inspection
  2. Disassembly
  3. Re-plating of significant parts (Model 11035)
  4. Assembly of rebuilt or repaired gun
  5. New fluid added
  6. Inspection and testing
  7. New box and packing

Dualco replaces the following parts:

  • All O-rings, leather cups
  • Fluid bag/bleeder assembly
  • Plunger, cylinder, check valve ball
  • Check valve spring
  • Check valve washer
  • Check valve filter
  • Cylinder and plunger
  • Piston assembly
  • Internal relief valve

A 4-oz. can of Dualco Hydraulic Fluid (10895) is furnished as a standard accessory.

Excluded in the Standard Rebuild Program

Replacement of the following components, when missing or damaged, is not included in the standard program but can be added for an additional cost:

  • Body, Fulcrum Assembly  – 10782, 10772
  • Grease Barrel, Grease Barrel Cap – 10961, 10813
  • Fluid Bag Barrel, Fluid Bag Barrel Cap – 10822, 10823

Note that guns sent for repair will be cleaned, not re-plated.

Other DUALCO Services

In addition to the repair and rebuild program, DUALCO provides various services on valve and equipment lubrication, including:

  • Product training
  • Valve maintenance training
  • Technical support
  • Consultation

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