Insulating flange kits versus monolithic isolating joints

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It is no secret that the effectiveness of your cathodic protection system depends on the experience of the installer and the quality of raw materials put into the pipeline. Many CP professionals often wonder about the pros and cons of using insulating flange kits over monolithic isolation joints.

The monolithic insulating joint is an alternative to insulating flange kits. It was used widely in Middle Eastern and European countries in the Oil & Gas Industry. While they have been used in the United States, their benefits have been overshadowed by long lead times from European manufacturers.

Now with the expansion of a United States insulating joint manufacturer, I wonder if the use of insulating joints will give insulating flange kits a run for its money.

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What are the pros and cons of using monolithic insulating joints versus insulating flange kits?

Disadvantages of insulating joints

The primary problem of using monolithic insulating joints in U.S. pipelines has been the long lead times from European manufacturers. While some U.S. distributors have tried to appease the availability issue, it has become a challenge for contractors to work with staggering lead times when inventory has been depleted.

The often perceived secondary disadvantage is the upfront expense of an insulating joint, which can be twice the cost of an insulating flange kit.

Advantages of Monolithic Isolation

monolithic insulating joints
Barlow Insulating Joints ~ Now offering stock availability in most sizes

Insulating joints come preassembled and pretested versus the traditional insulating flange kit, which requires a skilled technician to assemble it on site. By using the Insulating joint, the company saves on-site labor. The joints are also less likely to fail from an improper installation, which could render a CP system ineffective and result in both internal and external corrosion.

With an insulating joint, serviceability and maintenance are simplified. Whereas, when using an insulating flange kit, the system may become shorted when buried (from settling, thermal expansion or over-tightening). In this case, the cost to repair a damaged or leaking system significantly exceeds the initial investment of an insulating joint. It is also more likely that the pipeline would have to be shut down if maintenance or replacement is required.

When evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of using insulated flange kits versus monolithic insulating joints, it would seem that when life-cycle costs are considered, the use of monolithic insulting joints is advantageous over the flange kits.

New U.S. Insulating Joint Manufacturer

With the recent rash of gas pipeline explosions, the spotlight is on gas pipelines to increase the safety and quality of pipeline materials and testing. The expansion of Barlow Insulating Joints, a U.S. manufacturer, seems timely. Barlow is not new to the industry and has manufactured insulating joints for over 50 years serving the east coast. The company was acquired by IMAC Systems a couple of years back who has decided to expand the Barlow line to the west coast.

Perhaps the availability of U.S. monolithic insulating joints will impact the way U.S. pipelines choose their insulating methods.

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    Saini Flange

    Thanks for sharing this post with us!!

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    Mahendra shirodkar

    I am working in oil& gas industries- engg. consultants. I never came across the failure of Insulating joint but insulating flange kit we never used in high pressure oil pipeline and no question of gas pipeline, so this is the limitation for insulating flange kit,main reason is it may fail from thermal expansion. or over tightening or poor or improper work and who will take the burden of rework. So thanks for the sharing the comparison.

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    Thanks for the comparision detail.

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    Insulation kit Gaskets

    I would suggest insulating flange kits because it omes with the same outside diameter of the flanges. Hence, the foreign material collection between the flange faces is prevented. It can also withstand enormous amount of temperature and pressure.

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    Insulation kit Gaskets

    A very good blog post! Thanks for sharing it with us flange insulation gaskets Provides greater resistance to over compression and cracking.

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    Royal Packing

    Very interesting point of view. From the 2012 in Mexico we started to manufacture the Monolithic Insulating Joints with components from both U.S.A. and Mexico. While we manufacture both the flange insulating joints and the monolithic joints, we had been seeing a faster growth in the flange joints, I believe that it is mainly driven by a lower initial capital expense and that in many cases the intent is to replace preexisting flange joints.

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