Grease Guns, Valve Lockout Devices, Lubrication Equipment and Footage Tools

Here you will find Footage Tools natural gas tools, DUALCO grease guns, and valve lubrication equipment to keep ball valves and plug valves well maintained and operating efficiently, and IMAC Systems valve lockout devices.

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The Dualco D.A.M™ is an automated lubrication system, which automatically lubricates multiple valves while maintaining accurate lubricant levels without under- or over-lubricating.

The Dualco SCADA-Operated Lubrication Unit (S.O.L.U.) is a portable digital interface designed for remote operation to maintain proper lube levels in all lubricated valves. The S.O.L.U. is the solution for accurate, real-time documentation on valve lubrication, and can be operated from a car, truck, or trailer.

The DUALCO foot-operated hydraulic grease gun is rugged, easy to operate, lightweight, and provides a fast discharge rate. This lubrication equipment is ideal for pumping valve flush, cleaners, and lube sealants into ball valves and plug valves. It is also perfect when compressed air is not available.

Dualco hydraulic grease gun models are for high-pressure lubricating applications including ball, gate and plug valves. These grease guns are easy-to-operate, efficient, rugged, longlasting, and rated up to 10,000 PSI. They can be used at high temperature, and in harsh environmental services, including steam, hot oil, hot compressed gas, and on offshore platforms.

Footage Tools Big Shot pneumatic piercing tools create burrows to permit the installation of underground gas pipe, water pipe and cable with minimal disruption to the area.

Footage Tools squeeze off tools permit the operator to provide a quick emergency shutoff of polyethylene gas lines, without damaging the pipe making rapid squeeze-offs.

Footage Tools' pipe pullers are engineered to pull MDPE and HDPE pipe and tubing in use with directional drilling, pneumatic piercing tools, and rod pushers.

The IMAC Systems valve lockout devices for plug valves and operating nut valves are easy to install and operate, and made in the USA.

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