Fiberglass Buildings, TEGs, High-Pressure Grease Gun Guns

Here you will find field equipment, such as Dualco high-pressure grease guns, hydraulic grease guns, grease gun fittings, and lubrication equipment, as well as Gentherm Global Power Technologies (GPT) thermoelectric generators (TEGs) and Shelter Works fiberglass buildings.

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Gentherm Global Power Technologies (GPT) is the largest manufacturer of thermoelectric generators (TEGs) which provide output ranging from 5 to 550 watts. These generators are ideal for supplying power to remote, off-grid applications in environmentally challenging locations requiring up to 5,000 watts.

Shelter Works fiberglass buildings are fully customizable to meet the needs of protecting oil and natural gas utility equipment.

The DUALCO foot-operated hydraulic grease gun is rugged, easy to operate, lightweight, and provides a fast discharge rate. This lubrication equipment is ideal for pumping valve flush, cleaners, and lube sealants into ball valves and plug valves. It is also perfect when compressed air is not available.

Dualco hydraulic grease gun models are for high-pressure lubricating applications including ball, gate and plug valves. These grease guns are easy-to-operate, efficient, rugged, longlasting, and rated up to 10,000 PSI. They can be used at high temperature, and in harsh environmental services, including steam, hot oil, hot compressed gas, and on offshore platforms.

The Dualco D.A.M™ is an automated lubrication system, which automatically lubricates multiple valves while maintaining accurate lubricant levels without under- or over-lubricating.

The Dualco SCADA-Operated Lubrication Unit (S.O.L.U.) is a portable digital interface designed for remote operation to maintain proper lube levels in all lubricated valves. The S.O.L.U. is the solution for accurate, real-time documentation on valve lubrication, and can be operated from a car, truck, or trailer.