Grease Guns, Valve Lockout Devices, Lubrication Equipment and Valves

Linc Energy Systems sells utility gas service valves, IMAC Systems valve lockout devices and DUALCO grease guns; valve lubrication equipment to keep ball valves and plug valves well maintained and operating efficiently.

For more than fifty years, DUALCO has manufactured the preferred grease gun, equipment, sealants and lubricants for oil and natural gas plug valves, ball valves and gate valves.

The DUALCO foot-operated hydraulic grease gun is rugged, easy to operate, lightweight, and provides a fast discharge rate. This lubrication equipment is ideal for pumping valve flush, cleaners, and lube sealants into ball valves and plug valves. It is also perfect when compressed air is not available.

The IMAC Systems valve lockout devices for plug valves and operating nut valves are easy to install and operate, and made in the USA.

Since 1966 Jomar has been providing ball valves for industrial, plumbing, gas and HVAC applications. Our most popular items are the utility gas ball valve Lockwing 175-LWN and its insulated version 175 LWIN.