Natural Gas Pipe Pickling

Linc Energy Systems provides natural gas pipeline pickling services. Pipeline pickling is the process of conditioning a new gas pipeline, which is to “pickle” or saturate the line.

Gas Pipeline Pickling

This process is usually performed before lines are commissioned and at times is referred to as pre-odorization. In any case, the objective is to prepare the gas line, whether new or otherwise,  to ensure the correct level of odorant remains in the gas throughout the system and to the end-user.

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Features & Benefits

Each pickling job is different, so we do not offer a cookie-cutter solution. Instead, our project manager, a petroleum engineer, customizes a pickling strategy to meet each customer's needs, whether the pipe is plastic, steel or coated. Our project manager has vast industry experience and certifications. We use the most excellent odorant injection equipment (with real-time mobile alerts and online monitoring), test the odorant levels throughout the system and where appropriate use odorant filtration systems to minimize false-leak complaints.

Since 1990, Linc Energy Systems has provided award-winning utility contract services for our customers.

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