Service Maintenance Program

Linc Energy Systems is the authorized service provider for GPL Odorizers and offers service maintenance programs on GPL’s odorization systems (including the legacy units of Zeck Systems and Sentry Equipment).

Service Maintenance Plans

We have an experienced staff dedicated to keeping odorizers and odorant injection units running in optimum condition. We protect the client by performing essential tasks to ensure the manufacturer’s warranty remains viable. While the GPL odorizers have fewer moving parts than the leading competitive systems, they still require service. Without the units regularly and adequately serviced, the warranty may be void.

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Features & Benefits

Customized Service Level Agreements

Service Provider for Odorant Injection EquipmentLinc Energy Systems is the master distributor and authorized service provider for servicing and maintaining GPL Odorizers equipment. We offer customized maintenance agreements tailored to meet each end user’s particular needs.

Service Provider for Odorant Injection

Common programs include:

Annual Maintenance

We offer programs to provide the required annual maintenance to ensure the units are operating efficiently and correctly. This service level includes a yearly inspection of the equipment, a filter change, an O-ring replacement on the metering valve, and an equipment inspection report with computer analysis by a factory-trained technician.

Ongoing Services

We also offer various support levels for operational concerns, interruption of service, or other technical issues. Those levels may include unlimited or as-needed support, weekday or 24/7 phone support, or online assistance.

We offer various escalation services to accommodate each client’s needs. The SLA escalations may consist of online support, telephone support, troubleshooting the units remotely via modem, or even onsite service by a factory-trained technician.


Our factory-trained technicians are available for onsite new system startups. Read More >

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