1-Source Odorization Solutions

The Linc Energy Systems 1-Source Odorization Solutions program provides all aspects of odorization, including equipment and service from start to finish, so you never touch odorant again.

All Facets of Gas Odorization

Linc Energy Systems is a gas odorization specialist delivering comprehensive turnkey odorization systems. We have provided award-winning service to the industry since 1990. We, not only service systems such as Welker and YZ Odorizers but also are the authorized service provider and the master distributor for GPL Odorizers.

We are in a unique position to offer this one-stop purchasing program that includes the odorant injection system, ancillary equipment, and all start-to-finish services as well as operational services. The service portion consists of the design, installation, startup, and maintenance, including temporary odorization, odorant, decommissioning and obsolete equipment disposal, and more.

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Features & Benefits

1 source odorizationFeatures

  • One source odorization
    • One quote
    • One plan
    • One coordinated schedule
    • One planning & logistics point
    • One call for service
    • One invoice
  • All odorization and ancillary equipment
  • All services from start to finish
  • Post-installation maintenance (varying levels of service available)


  • Never touch odorant again!
  • Capitalize the purchase of the entire system, service, and ongoing maintenance
  • Take the complexity out of integrating and implementing your new system
  • Streamline the project and save time and money, simplify the procurement process



Odorant Injection Equipment

installing odorizerAdvanced GPL Odorizers odorant injection systems include the odorizer, odorant tank, containment, and all necessary ancillary equipment.

Start-to-Finish Odorization Services

  • Odorizer specification and project planning
  • Decommissioning & disposal of retired equipment
  • Temporary odorization to ensure no service disruption
  • Pipeline pickling to prepare new lines and existing systems experiencing odor fade
  • Installation of odorant injection systems
  • Odorant transfer
  • Odorant delivery
  • Startup & training

Ongoing Services During Operation