Natural Gas Pipe Pickling

natural gas pipeline pickling

Linc Energy Systems provides natural gas pipeline pickling services. Pipeline pickling is the process of conditioning a new gas pipeline, which is to "pickle" or saturate the line.

Gas Pipeline Pickling

This process is usually performed before lines are commissioned and at times is referred to as pre-odorization. In any case, the objective is to prepare the gas line, whether new or otherwise,  to ensure the correct level of odorant remains in the gas throughout the system and to the end user.

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Natural Gas Pipeline Pickling and Odor Fade

Natural gas pipeline pickling is the process of preparing or pickling a new gas pipe. New polyethylene and steel pipe commonly cause odor fade, the loss of odorant, making gas detection a challenge. For this reason, new pipelines are conditioned before placing in service, assuring the safe delivery of odorized gas.