Installation and Startup

As the master distributor for GPL Odorizers, the manufacturer of natural gas, biogas, and propane odorant injection systems, Linc Energy Systems is uniquely positioned to provide odorizer installations and startup training of odorization systems.

Odorizer Installations

Linc Energy is the authorized installer of GPL Odorizers odorant injection equipment. In addition to the installation of the odorizer, Linc Energy installs full-packaged turnkey odorization skids, which include the GPL odorizer, ASME odorant tank, and containment assemblies, in both vertical (60 – 120 gallons) and horizontal (250 – 2000 gallons) tank configurations.

Our company also installs other brand’s odorization systems, including YZ Systems.

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installation of odorizerOdorant Injection System Installation

A trained Linc Energy Systems technician provides and installs all interconnecting piping, filters, valves, and fittings necessary to connect the new GPL odorant injection system to the odorant tank, and pipeline gas.

GPL Odorizer System Startup

A trained Linc Energy technician provides startup programming, commissioning and testing to verify that the system is functioning according to design objectives. The Linc Energy representative will train the client representative(s) on the operation, and maintenance of the odorant injection unit.


odorant injection system Installation Options

  • Turnkey installation of an entire GPL odorization system
  • Startup of system
  • Odorizer training
  • Containment of odorant tank
  • Fiberglass enclosure/building
  • Orbital-welded connections
  • Odorant tank installation
  • Thermal mass flow meter installation for low flow applications
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