IMAC Bleed Line Deodorizer

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Linc Energy Systems now sells IMAC Systems Bleed Line Deodorizers for natural gas exhaust lines. The activated charcoal filters reduce or eliminate the odorant odor, thus reducing false leak-call complaints.

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IMAC Natural Gas Deodorizer

Natural Gas Deodorizer for Bleed Lines

The IMAC Bleed Line Deodorizers are disposable passive gas scrubbers that install on the vent port of natural gas control instruments that bleed natural gas. The activated charcoal deodorizer removes the mercaptan odor from natural gas bleed and natural gas vents, reducing leak-call or third-party gas complaints. These are not pressure vessels; they remove the odor passively when the gas vents through the scrubber to the atmosphere.


The Bleed Line Deodorizer may be used on any system bleeding odorized natural gas, including intermittent and constant bleed lines, control valves, pneumatic controllers, relief valves, and regulators.

Comparable products to the IMAC Bleed Line Deodorizer are the Becker Precision Instrument ACD-300 (Activated Charcoal Deodorizer) and the Welker AEF (Atmospheric Exhaust Filter).

To install, simply remove the inlet and outlet covers (red plugs). Pipe the deodorizer into place, assuring that the outlet side faces away from the elements. The units are standard in ¼”, ½”, and ¾” inlet ports (1” and 2” are nonstandard). They are generally available for immediate shipment. Given that they are disposable, the deodorizer’s label permits the user to note the installation and changeout date.

Save Money by Reducing Leak-Call Complaints

We all know that dispatching service personnel to investigate a potential natural gas leak is costly. The use of bleed line deodorizers significantly reduces the smell of natural gas from the vent and bleed lines, minimizing leak call-outs.

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