Thermoelectric Generators (TEGS) Application in Cathodic Protection

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The Global Power Technologies thermoelectric generator for cathodic protection provides cost-effective, reliable, and continuous electrical current to remote CP sites.

CP to Control Corrosion

The natural gas industry uses cathodic protection to control corrosion of pipelines, wellhead casings and tanks, steel pier piles, and offshore oil platforms. Thermoelectric generators (TEGs) provide cost-effective, reliable, and continuous electrical current to difficult-to-reach CP sites.

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TEGs on CP system thermoelectric generator for cathodic protection

CP System with Global Power Technologies TEGs

A metal pipeline is usually anodic, and by supplying an electric current, the pipe becomes passive or cathodic. As long as the electrical flow arrives at the cathode (pipeline) faster than oxygen, then corrosion is prevented or significantly slowed.

Thermoelectric Generator for Cathodic Protection (TEGS)

Thermoelectric generators produce electrical power by directly converting heat from the combustion of fuel into electricity, offering a dependable supply of continuous current. The generators are usually located near the ground bed and fueled by gas from tanks, wellheads, or pipelines. The output current can be adjusted using an integral variable resistor allowing the output current to match the ground bed resistance.

While a CP Interface design will vary depending on the TEG Model, the following are general offerings:

Cathodic Protection Panel Package Includes: Options:
  • Delivers unattended and continuous power for impressed current Cathodic Protection systems
  • Monitor and adjust power for CP load
  • A variable resistor reduces output voltage and modifies current to the ground bed.
  • DC/DC converter is optional to extend the operating range
  • A lockable, stainless steel enclosure
  • A terminal block for up to 9mm (00 AWG) cable
  • An easy-to-read volt/ammeter
  • A variable resistor to control current output
  • An auto CP panel to monitor the ground bed and adjust the output power
  • A current interrupter to aid in CP surveys
  • A split-current package permitting one generator to supply two cathodic loads


Global Power Technologies offers several thermoelectric generator models for a CP application. Indeed, you may read more, download an application brief, or ask to speak with one of our sales representatives.

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