Global Power Technologies TEG Distributors (Formerly Gentherm/Global Thermoelectric)

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Linc Energy Systems is happy to announce that we are now an authorized Global Power Technologies TEG distributor for GPT thermoelectric generators.

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Global Power Technologies TEG Distributors

Global Power Technologies, formerly Global Thermoelectric, is the leading manufacturer of industrial thermoelectric generators that provide reliable and cost-effective industrial power. These power sources are ideal for challenging remote locations that do not have access to power sources or reliable grid energy. Even in the desert heat, extreme cold, and adverse weather conditions, they perform well. Because they have no moving parts and require minimal maintenance, they are an excellent alternative for those tough-to-reach sites like offshore drilling as well as in dense jungles and forested areas.

Global Thermoelectric Generators (TEGs)

Thermoelectric Generators (TEGs) provide cost-effective power for challenging sites with outputs ranging from 5 to 550 watts and applications requiring up to 5000 watts.

Global GPT Thermoelectric Generators gentherm teg distributorsIn the oil and natural gas industry, many applications require this type of reliable energy.

Cathodic Protection

The industry uses cathodic protection (CP) to control corrosion of pipelines, wellhead casings and tanks, steel pier piles, and offshore oil platforms. The GPT TEG generator provides cost-effective, reliable, and continuous electrical current to those tough to reach CP sites. Read more.


SCADA systems permit organizations to control and monitor industrial processes, and they are widely found in the oil and gas industry and throughout the different sectors, especially the transportation of gas and oil in pipelines. TEGs are used to power telemetry units, gas analyzers, metering equipment, emergency shutdown, and other equipment used in SCADA systems.

Valve Automation

From solenoid valve control to instrumentation lines, to the actuation on distribution block valve stations, Global Power Technologies’ TEGs supply dependable remote power for remote control and monitoring.

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