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Global Power Technologies builds thermoelectric generators that provide reliable power to remote locations. How does the TEG generator work? What is the thermoelectric effect? Moreover, what are the advantages of Global Power Technologies TEGs?

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How do thermoelectric generators work?

thermopile-cTEGs transform heat directly into electrical energy without the need for moving parts, such as turbines. Heat transfers from a gas burner through a thermoelectric component, triggering an electrical current to flow.

At the crux of Global Power Technologies’ TEG generator is a thermopile, a hermetically-sealed thermoelectric module containing a ternary alloy of lead, tin, and tellurium (lead-tin-telluride) semiconductor elements. This robust component provides a chemically stable environment for the thermoelectric constituents, ensuring a long service life.

Thermoelectric Effect

A TEG benefits from a temperature gradient between the two sides of the generator. This phenomenon, where a temperature difference can create a voltage, is known as the “thermoelectric effect.”

A gas burner is installed on one side of the thermopile, while aluminum cooling fins or a heat pipe assembly provide cooling on the opposite side. While operating, the TEG sustains about 540°C on the burner side and 140°C on the cooling side. The heat flowing through the thermopile generates steady DC electricity without moving parts.

Advantages of Global Power Technologies Systems

gentherm logoGlobal Power Technologies systems are reliable and require minimal training and maintenance. The units are easy to operate, competitively priced, and have a long life. The TEGs maintain continuous operation and are unaffected by weather or airborne contaminants. The Global Power Technologies thermoelectric generators require a smaller footprint than solar systems or other generator options, and since they are low visibility, they can be installed in security shelters. They have reduced battery requirements and extended battery life, maintaining continuous operation and decreasing deep cycling. Are they interested in learning more? See this overview.

TEG Generator Applications

The mentioned advantages make the Global Power Technologies TEG ideal for many remote applications requiring reliable power. This explains why Global Power Technologies generators are around the globe as primary systems, backups, and TEG systems with integrated solar energy. Global Power Technologies TEGs are ideal for a variety of applications in our industry, including:

  • Oil, gas, product, or water pipelines
  • Well sites
  • Offshore platforms
  • Cathodic protection (Gas well, pipes, and other}
  • Well-monitoring and automation
  • Security and surveillance

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