GPL Odor eVac Mercaptan Odor Removal

The GPL Odor eVac is a portable air filtration device for ethyl mercaptan odor removal and control. It evacuates odor through adsorption using activated carbon filtration, whether it originates from a mercaptan spill or gas discharge.

GPL Odor eVac

GPL Odor eVac mercaptan odor removal 55 gallon

55-gallon Odor eVac

The GPL Odor eVac is ideal at odorization stations or any building or shelter, whether temporary or permanent, needing ethyl mercaptan odor removal to protect onsite workers and reduce false leak-call complaints.

The GPL Odor eVac consists of an explosion-proof motor (Div 2) mounted on a steel drum with an integrated hand truck permitting swift and easy deployment. The filter vacuum removes odor associated with mercaptan liquid spill or gas discharge through adsorption. The filtration media stays in a DOT-approved drum until replacement. The Odor eVac provides long-term use, is easy to operate, and is simple to replace the activated carbon.

The Odor eVac comes in three models: a 30-gallon, 55-gallon (pictured), and a 110-gallon drum.

30-Gallon Mobile Unit

The 30-gallon unit is perfect for field deployment in emergencies or maintenance on lines, odorizers, or odorant injection systems. This unit evacuates up to 140 cubic feet/minute of active filtration.

55- Gallon Unit

The 55-gallon unit is ideal for field deployment in emergencies or maintenance on lines, odorizers, or odorant injection systems, also.

110 Gallon Unit

The 110-gallon “Big Bertha” is a dual-motor driven unit that moves about 300 cubic feet/minute and is intended for operations in a building or static location. It is very large and heavy, though it can quickly move with its built-in wheels.

Features & Benefits
Features Benefits
  • Filters have a long life
  • Filters are easily replaceable
  • Removes mercaptan from air
  • Mobile integrated hand-truck
  • Explosion-proof (Cl I Div 2) electrical motor
  • Patented
  • Removes odor
  • Reduces false leak-call complaints
  • Keeps workers safe
  • Inexpensive to operate
  • Quickly and easy deploys
When to Use Target Audience
  • Odorant spills
  • Odorant transfers
  • Maintenance of odorization equipment
  • Odorization equipment failures
  • Anytime there is a chance of odorant exposure
  • Regular operations of odorization equipment
  • Emergencies involving natural gas or odorization systems
  • Pressure release
  • Natural gas industry
  • Pickling/temporary odorization contractors
  • Odorization stations
  • Technicians
  • Anyone working with raw odorant
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