IMAC Atmospheric Exhaust Filter for Mercaptan Odor Control

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IMAC Systems Atmospheric Exhaust Filters provide mercaptan odor control on natural gas equipment venting at the natural gas delivery system’s metering, regulator, and odorization stations in the natural gas delivery system.

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Natural Gas Leak Reporting

The industry continually educates the public to report natural gas odor because it generally means a gas leak. However, there are some areas in the natural gas delivery system, such as regulators and metering stations, where the natural gas smell is from equipment bleed lines. Some typical examples where gas vents to the atmosphere include valve actuation breathing, valve pilot-controller breathing, pump breathing, or odorizer breathing.

Consequently, gas companies receive numerous false leak-call complaints. These complaints become problematic to the operator as they are expensive to investigate.

Mercaptan Odor Control

IMAC Atmospheric Exhaust Filters for Mercaptan Odor Control

IMAC Atmospheric Exhaust Filters

The IMAC Atmospheric Exhaust Filters are natural gas scrubbers that connect to bleed lines. They use activated charcoal to remove the mercaptan odor (from odorant) from natural gas. The filters are available in 5-gallon, 15-gallon, 35-gallon, and 55-gallon drums. When installing, remove the inlet and outlet covers and pipe into place with the vent (exhaust) side facing down so that rain or snow won’t enter.


The exhaust filter is appropriate for instrumentation vents or bleed systems that vent odorized natural gas, including intermittent and constant bleed lines. Examples include instrumentation panels, relief valves, control valves, regulators, and pneumatic controllers. For odorant tank applications, see the GPL Passive filter.

Atmospheric Exhaust Filters Specifics

  • The standard inlet is a compression fitting (1/4” or ½” tube fitting); however, other options are available.
  • The standard outlet is a screened 90-degree vent; however, other vent options are available.
  • The 5- and 15-gallon drums are packed full of charcoal. The 35- and 55-gallon units have a reservoir with a drain valve on the bottom.
  • The Atmospheric Exhaust Filters are passive scrubbers and not pressure vessels. The vent gas passes through the charcoal bed and goes into the atmosphere.
  • These units are built to order, so they are not in stock.
  • The 15-gallon unit is interchangeable with the filters YZ Systems uses on its odorant injection systems.

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Linc Energy Systems is the master distributor for GPL Odorizers, the manufacturer of ventless odorant injection systems that do not use gas to actuate the systems. (Therefore, there is no gas to discharge and no smell to cause false leak-call complaints).

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