Meter Set & Gas Line Accessories

Linc Energy Systems sells a variety of meter set and gas line accessories, including Pete's Plugs, Teflon gas tape, regulator vent line protectors, meter brackets and meter set hardware. We're located just outside of Denver and service the Rocky Mountain States.

In addition to the fine products below, check out:

Meter Brackets

Since 1973, ECSI has manufactured a wide range of fabricated piping products, including meter brackets (or riser brackets).

Meter Set Hardware

For the finest gas meter manifold, prefabricated meter set, meter station, meter bend or gas meter adapter, consider the Reliable Manufacturing Company.

UNASCO yellow gas seal tape is a superior, high density PTFE thread sealant tape specially developed for the natural gas industry.

Pete's Plugs facilitate easy temperature or pressure readings from your gas lines, eliminating the need to leave gauges or temperature indicators on the line.

The IMAC Venting Line Protector (VLP) protects natural gas regulator vent lines from encroaching water and is used in areas prone to flooding.