Valve Lockout Devices

The IMAC Systems valve lockout devices for plug valves and operating nut valves are easy to install and work, and made in the USA.

Valve Lockout Devices

The Chain Valve Lockout Device provides solutions for most ½”-8″ operating nut valves and plug valves that have not been modified. This lockout device consists of a dome that restricts access to the operating nut or the plug.

The Lubricated Plug Valve Lockout provides locking protection for most ½” -6″ unmodified plug valves. This lock has a unique swivel feature which allows the cap to be turned with no plug rotation.

These valve lockout units accommodate most Grove and Cameron ball valves, and Kerotest plug valves.

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Features & Benefits

plug valve locking deviceValve Lockout Features and Benefits

  • Gas valve lockout
  • One size fits all - eliminates the need to stock various sizes
  • Will not rust or freeze
  • Tamper-resistant
  • Keeps in compliance when abandoning or deactivating facilities (49 CFR 192.727)

The IMAC Lockout Devices are designed for extended period use and maintenance-free operation. The Chain Valve Lockout Device is a powder-coated steel dome that covers the operating nut, preventing anyone from tampering with the valve flow position. The dome is 3‐7/8" in diameter and 4‐1/2" tall. Welded to both sides of the dome is a 5/16"grade 30 galvanized chain; on one side, the chain is 6" long, while the other side it comes in a choice of 12", 24" or 36". IMAC can also customize the length per customer request.

The locking device assists the user with staying in compliance when abandoning or deactivating facilities. Federal regulations (49 CFR 192.727) require that the gas company perform specific options, one of which is to install a locking device to prevent someone from trying to open the shutoff valve.