IMAC Systems Pilot Gas Preheater (Catalytic)

The IMAC Systems pilot gas heater applies direct, radiant heat to a stream of gas that flows through a serpentine heater exchange tube. The unit utilizes a Cata-Dyne explosion-proof pad. The gas runs through the tubing in front of the catalytic heater, maximizing surface area to increase the temperature of the gas.

Pilot Gas Heater

Avoid costly and dangerous shutdowns by using radiant heat to prevent freezing and hydrate formations in gas pressure reduction locations. Protect instrument supply gas for valve actuation, pilot-operated regulators, controls, and instrument regulators.

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Features & Benefits

IMAC Systems Pilot Gas Preheater (Catalytic)

  • imac systems pilot gas heaterFlameless, explosion-proof heat for hazardous environments (FM approved)
  • Fuel efficient, high-performance catalyst
  • No moving parts
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Long-life catalyst pad
  • Preset low-pressure regulator for fuel gas supply 3/8” inlet x 3/8” outlet tube fittings


  • Weather shroud
  • Starter cables
  • Pipe mount brackets
  • Dual cut gas train
  • Relief valve

Instrument Gas Preheater Options

  • Second coil pass with independent inlet and outlet
  • Pre-heat tubing pass for fuel supply gas
  • Temperature controller
  • Pressure gauge
  • High-pressure regulator
  • Filters/scrubbers for fuel supply gas
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