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As a distributor for Honeywell Process Solutions, I am happy to announce that Honeywell now has “Profiles,” a periodic magazine devoted to serving its industrial customers.

Honeywell Industrial Products

Honeywell EC350 electronic gas correctorLinc Energy Systems is the authorized distributor for Honeywell Process Solutions products, such as:

  • Honeywell Mercury Instruments correctors and recorders
  • Honeywell Gorter safety shut-off valves
  • Honeywell RMG 5020 regulator
  • Honeywell USM GT400 ultrasonic flowmeter
  • Honeywell Rotary Meter RABO

“Profiles” Magazine

You now have the opportunity to review and sign up for future publications. This recent issue features an article by Pierre Dufour on the EC 350 Gas Volume Corrector. Here is a teaser, and you can read the article in its entirety on page 6 of the magazine.

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The EC350 and its Ecosystem

The North American natural gas industry presents complex challenges. Companies must find ways to operate more safely, make better decisions, and act quicker by delivering crucial asset data from operations to enterprise more efficiently. At the same time, gas distribution companies are mandated to control their capital expenditures and reduce operating expenses to increase profitability.

The latest evolutions in electronic volume correctors and associated tools and services enable gas distribution and transmission companies to deliver better results. With a fully integrated platform for data collection and management and remote meter monitoring, gas operators can improve the output from equipment assets, avoid unplanned downtime, implement preventive maintenance, and maximize their total return on investment (ROI). It all starts with a best-in-class electronic volume corrector: the EC350.

The EC350 is designed to eventually replace the Mini-Max, Mini-AT, and related products. As such, it had to be scalable from very basic and straightforward volume correction applications to more demanding custody transfer, multi-pressure, communications-enabled applications as found on transmission pipelines.

Some of the most significant advancements include:

  • Expanded communication options via internal cellular modems in a battery-operated device.
  • Advanced audit trail for better diagnostics capabilities to reduce maintenance and improve uptime
  • Higher measurement accuracy through the digital plug-and-play pressure transducer, allowing the calibration cycle and inventory to be reduced.
  • It has an extended battery life of 10 years. With long-term stability and extended battery life, the instrument also minimizes the need for site visits and simplifies field repairs.
  • Versatility: One product fits the three hardware configurations – Universal Mounting Bracket (UMB), rotary, and wall mount installation.
  • Infrared port for easy configuration.
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