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Honeywell is offering free Gas Measurement Instrumentation training over three days at its office in Cincinnati, Ohio (a value of $400) when purchasing a 5.5M Rabo Rotary meter with integrated EC350 or TCI instruments.

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Free School with Purchase of Rabo

Honeywell Mercury Instruments has always provided industry-leading hands-on training for its Mercury Instruments electronic products and software. Given the current COVID-19 restrictions, the date for this school will be announced when restrictions lift. In the interim, this is an excellent time to order your Rabo meter and receive your voucher for the free training.

EC-350 with RABO Rotary meter

EC-350 pictured with RABO Rotary meter

Rabo Rotary Meter

The Rabo meter has earned a reputation as a reliable rotary meter, having thousands installed throughout North America as well as over 100,000 in Europe. The meter is suitable for a wide range of applications. The Rabo has a standard 290 PSI rating, sealed precision bearings, compact body, oil in just the front compartment, an all-aluminum housing, and built-in pressure and temperature port. The Rabo meter can be fitted with our EC350 volume corrector or electronic Temperature Compensator Index (TCI) directly mounted.

EC 350 Electronic Volume Corrector

Honeywell EC 350 electronic volume corrector is a UMB and rotary-mount device that optimizes custody transfer and industrial natural gas measurement. The EC 350 offers improved accuracy, expanded memory, advanced diagnostics, and integrated cellular communications.

TCI Electronic Temperature Compensating Index

Honeywell Mercury Instruments TCI is the most advanced electronic temperature compensating index available for natural gas rotary meters.

Gas Measurement Instrumentation Training

The training covers the basics of electronic gas volume corrector measurement, pressure monitoring, gas laws, and pulse output operation, as well as hands-on experience with the Rabo meter, EC 350, ERX 350 pressure monitor, TCI, and MasterLink software.

Here is the three-day schedule:

  • Day 1.  Basic operating principals, installation and operation; display, keypad, and alarms; MasterLink features; configuration with new MasterLink R510; Pulse outputs; EC350 rotary mount; the ERX 350 pressure monitor
  • Day 2. Calibration; Modbus; integral CloudLink modems; power options; security and access levels; reverse flow detection; troubleshooting EC350 and ERX350
  • Day 3. TCI introduction, maintenance, firmware upgrade, adding to standard billing/meter data management software.

If you would like to learn more about how to receive your free voucher, send us your message.

Send us your message.

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