Gas Flow Meter by Elster

The Honeywell Elster RABO Rotary Gas Meter is a highly accurate rotary meter ideal for commercial and industrial natural gas measurement applications.

Elster® Rotary Gas Meter (RABO)

Honeywell Elster has combined established features of their RPM and IRM rotary meter lines with new improvements into the Elster Rotary Gas Meter (also known as the RABO meter). The new meter offers elements that satisfy most market applications in a simple design.

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Features & Benefits

Operating Principle

The Elster Rotary Gas meter (RABO) operates using a rotary type positive displacement principle. The meter measures volume by displacing a fixed amount of gas. This gas displacement occurs within a cavity formed between the meter's internal housing and its rotating impellers. The counter-rotating impellers (shaped like an "8") move when there is a pressure drop across the meter's inlet and outlet. The pressure drop is created as downstream gas is used. The rotating impellers isolate the gas into small, finite, volumes and a mechanical index keeps count.

Main Features

  • Five meter sizes: 3.5M, 5.5M, 9M and 14M, 23M (3,500 to 23,000 acfh maximum capacity
  • 2", 3", 4", 6" ANSI 125/150 flanged connections
  • High rangeability
  • Low-pressure drop
  • Differential pressure test ports
  • Two 1/4" NPT taps on the inlet
  • Non-lubricated and non-resettable index
  • End view, rotatable index
  • Heavy-duty, compact design
  • High-impact-resistant, ultraviolet stabilized index


  • Anodized extruded aluminum body and impellers
  • Anodized forged aluminum case covers
  • Permanently lubricated bearings


  • Pulse outputs
  • Thermowell
  • Index masking
  • Gasket strainers
  • Flange bolts and gaskets
  • AMR mounting
  • Differential pressure gauge kit
  • Instrument Drive
  • Corrector mounting bracket
  • Direct mount TCI or EC350
  • 1 1/2" NPT mounting kit
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