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What are the common water meter types? Water metering is the measurement of water consumption and is conducted in residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Linc Energy Systems distributes Carlon Meter, offering residential water meters and industrial water flow meters.

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Common Water Meter Types

There are two conventional measuring devices for water flow measurement, the positive displacement water meter, and the velocity meter. Less common options include non-mechanical designs of electromagnetic and ultrasonic meters and electromechanical meters.

Positive Displacement Meters

The positive displacement meter (PD meter) is a standard residential water meter and small commercial water meter. They are generally very accurate at the low-to-medium flow rates typical of these applications and typically range from 5/8″-2″. For this meter type, water usually displaces a moving measuring element and is directly proportional to the volume of water passing through the meter. The movement directs a magnet that drives the register.

SSM Series Carlon meterVelocity Flow Meters

A velocity meter measures the flow velocity of water through the device, which has an understood internal capacity. The speed of the flow is converted to a volume of flow to determine consumption. A multi-jet meter and turbine are good examples of velocity meters.

As a distributor for Carlon Meter, perhaps some of their products satisfy your application. Here is an overview of some of the offerings; you may also want to download the Carlon-at-a-Glance cut sheet.

Residential Water Meter

Carlon offers two meter-types that satisfy residential and commercial applications, the positive displacement JL/JLR and the multi-jet SSM/SSMR series. Refer to the chart for fundamental differences between the lines.

Carlon water meter types


Carlon offers several industrial models for industrial applications.

JSJ – Industrial and commercial water treatment systems where the amount of water flow establishes the chemical treatment

Hot Water Turbine – Industrial, high-volume application of hot water, control of water treatment equipment

Cold Water Turbine – Industrial, high-volume applications, control of process equipment


Carlon also produces a signal splitter and programmable controls, including pump controls, timers, batch controllers, and a car-logger. When combined with the industrial turbine water meters, the car-logger can provide real-time flow data to manage energy costs. The logger provides real-time flow information as a stand-alone device, or the user can retrieve the data with an RS485 or internet connection to the users building management system.

Carlon Meter

Carlon Meter has been manufacturing high-quality and long-lasting potable water meters since 1962. The headquarters for Carlon Meter is in Grand Haven, Michigan. Carlon produces positive displacement, multi-jet, and turbine meters for potable cold and hot water measurement from ½-inch to 8-inch lines. The company makes larger-sized meters though they do not inventory them.

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Video on Water Flow Meter Types

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