Belgas P134 Gas Pressure Regulator

 In Commercial & Industrial Regulators

Belgas has released the P134 pressure reducing regulator, a new variation of the P133, which is ideal for commercial and industrial furnaces and burners where accuracy and sensitivity are critical.

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Belgas P134 Pressure Regulator

Belgas P134 a Variation of P133 Pressure Reducing Regulator

Permits installation without the external pressure registration.

The Belgas P134 is a variation of the P133 Pressure Reducing Regulator. The P134 has an onboard registration tube, circled in the figure on the right, permitting installation without the external pressure registration needed on the P133.

For flow and pressure information, see the P133 product as it applies to the P134. All existing P133 body/vent orientations, body connections, spring ranges, and trim options are available with the P134. When ordering, change the fourth character in the existing BelGAS P133 ordering matrix is changed to a “4”.

Download the Belgas Tech Note BG-P134-01.

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