New Offering: Slam Shut Valves and Slam Shut Regulators

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We are happy to announce that we now sell Belgas slam shut regulators and slam shut valves which permit stopping gas flow when gas pressure either exceeds or falls below established levels.

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Overpressure Shutoff (OPSO Regulator) and Under-pressure Shutoff (UPSO)

The Belgas devices are ideal for gas applications requiring overpressure shutoff, under-pressure shutoff, tight accuracy, and quick response. They offer high shock and vibration resistance. Some of the devices can be standalone units or used with other regulators. The BelGAS products are suitable for overpressure protection/under-pressure protection in control applications of residential, light commercial, industrial, and farm taps.

Slam Shut Valves and Slam Shut Regulators by Belgas

Slam Shut Valves

Belgas offers two slam shut valves:

Belgas P627SX

The Belgas P627SX is a high-flow slam shut valve that closes in an overpressure condition and can be a standalone unit or used with another regulator. The valve complements a pressure-reducing regulator, which controls pressure/flow at a pressure condition. At the same time, the P627SX will shut off the flow at a preset pressure condition and remain closed until manually reset. The most common applications are small gate stations, fuel gas, and farm taps.

Belgas PSX3

The BelGAS PSX3 Series slam shut valve provides immediate termination of pressure transference. Operating on preset values, the PSX3 stops downstream flow if the pressure traveling through the standalone valve exceeds the upper or lower set limits. A manual reset is required to re-establish flow to the pipeline if the PSX3 is tripped due to overpressure or under-pressure conditions. The most common applications are industrial and commercial systems, gas engines, and service regulators.

Slam Shut Regulators (or OPSO regulators)

Belgas offers two slam-shut regulators:


The BelGAS PSX2 slam shut regulator provides critical protection of downstream operations for the P200 Series (P208/P209) and P300 Series (P308/P309) regulators for both overpressure and under-pressure conditions. Operating on preset values, the PSX2 automatically stops downstream flow should the pressure exceed the upper or lower set limits. A manual reset is required if the PSX2 trips due to an over/under pressure condition. The most common applications are industrial and commercial systems, gas engines, and service regulators.

Belgas P100SX

The P100SX is a dual-stage slam shut regulator that can provide token relief, overpressure shut off, and under-pressure shut off protection. It is ideal for natural gas, air, propane, and general-purpose gas pressure regulation. The most common use is light commercial and residential systems.

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The Belgas regulators and valves are an excellent choice when needing an additional level of safety in a gas system to stop gas flow when unexpected pressure conditions exist. If you are interested in learning more, send us a message or call today at (303) 697-6701.

Belgas PSX2 Slam Shut Video

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