Electronic Correctors

Honeywell Mercury Instruments electronic correctors provide corrected gas volume from the gas meter and have become the benchmark for precision instrumentation. Major instruments include the EC 350, Mini-AT Corrector, Mini-Max Corrector and Mini-Max Rotary Corrector.

The Honeywell EC 350 PTZ electronic gas volume corrector converts a gas volume from the operating conditions to the reference pressure and temperature conditions to optimize and simplify custody transfer and industrial natural gas measurement. The EC 350 is a UMB- and rotary-mount instrument.

The Honeywell Mercury Instruments MINI-MAX is an affordable line of natural gas correctors designed for basic volume measurement and PT correction.

The Honeywell Mercury Instruments Mini-Max Rotary Corrector is a full-featured electronic gas volume corrector, specially modified to accommodate direct mounting to rotary meters.

Honeywell Mercury Instruments MINI-AT Electronic Corrector is a full featured electronic gas volume corrector providing corrected gas volume with audit trail.